About Sierra College Athletics

Sierra women's soccer player kicking the ball during a game. Men's waterpolo player looking to pass ball against defender. Base throw by Sierra.


The Wolverines work to achieve unparalleled success both on the playing field and in the academic arena. Our 18 intercollegiate programs, spanning a diverse range of sports, don't just participate — they strive for championships!

In 2023 Sierra College came in second for the NATYCAA Cup "with five strong showings on the men’s side thanks to a state title in swimming and diving (20 pts), three top-three finishes in water polo (18), golf (18) and baseball (18), and an eighth-place showing in wrestling (13).

The Wolverines’ women’s teams showed great consistency, tallying points in an association-best nine sports, including a runner-up placing in swimming and diving (19 pts), and ties for fifth in water polo (15.5), softball (15.5), soccer (14.5), and basketball (14.5)."

Team standing in line for national anthem. Sierra college spiking at net against defenders. Team photo after game.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)

  • Identify and practice high safety standards, support environmental needs, and provide a safe positive experience for other participants (students, student athletes, visiting athletes, community, and faculty).
  • Demonstrate a measurable improvement in one or more fitness or sport specific components.
  • Demonstrate essential motor skills to fit a variety of activities. Student will be able to describe and perform activities reflecting increased knowledge and ability over the semester.
  • Develop personal responsibility and the importance of different leadership roles.
  • Distinguish principles of healthy weight management through exercise and nutrition.
  • Create a balance between physical fitness, social well-being, health, and academic success.