Sierra 20, Santa Rosa 11

This was our final conference game of the season and it was nice to finish with another win.  As we're all aware, Santa Rosa had to reschedule this game due to the terrible fires in their area and we're glad they were able to travel to compete as the season is winding down. 

There was alot of pool time for all athletes today and every field player but one scored at least one goal in this game.  Sierra racked up 5 goals in each quarter.  Ejections were held to a low number and the Wolverines converted 1 of their 3 power plays and Santa Rosa converted 1 of 4 opportunities.

GOALS:  Hoppe - 4, Camacho - 3, Cannedy - 2, S Hastie/Kay/MacLeane/Scholar/Nordell/Sinni/Dunham/J Hastie/Seljak/Quirarte/Nicholson - 1 each

ASSISTS:  Sinni - 5, Goalie Tate - 3, Cannedy/Quirarte/Goalie McClellean - 2, S Hastie/Hoppe/Kay - 1

STEALS:  Cannedy/Harriman - 3, Scholar/Nordell/Dunham/J Hastie/Nicholson/Goalie McClellean - 2, S Hastie/Hoppe/Kay/Sinni/Camacho/Quirarte/Goalie Tate - 1

FIELD BLOCKS:  Sinni - 1

EJECTIONS DRAWN:  Cannedy/J Hastie/unassigned - 1

GOALIE STATS:  Tate blocked 2 of 10, McClellean - 2 of 9, Ganaway - 2 of 7.  Twenty-six total shots were taken by Santa Rosa with 11 making it to the back of the cage and the other 9 not being in the cage area.