Baseball Awards

Sierra player running the bases. Sierra batter swingingat base. Sierra player running to home base.

All Conference 2023-14

Year Athlete High School
2024 Owen Faith, OF, honorable mention  
2024 Brady Ranallo, OF, 2nd team  
2024 Masa Kawashima, Inf, 2nd team  
2024 Caden Hunter, Pitcher of the Year  
2023 Jaccob Torres, Pitcher  
2023 Matthew Sigafoos, Relief Pitcher  
2023 Zach Chamizo, Infield  
2023 Jack Weise, Infield  
2023 Clayton Coates, Catcher  
2023 Gerald Hanson - Freshman Pitcher of the Year  
2015 Kyle Dixon, First Baseman Woodcreek
2015 Tyler Milani, Pitcher, 2nd team Woodcreek
2015 Kyle Lewis, Infielder, 2nd team Bishop Manogue, NV
2014 Wyatt D'Alessio, Relief Pitcher Kailua, Hawaii
2014 Dalton Blaser, Big 8 MVP Roseville


All Americans

Year Athlete High School
2014 Dalton Blaser Roseville 
2013 Nick Blaser Roseville 
2013 Blake Grant-Parks Yuba City 
2013 Andrew Cooper St. Anne High, Canada
2012 Tim Lerner Rocklin 


All Conference 2013-12

Year Athlete High School
2013 Jared Snow, Outfielder Martin Luther King High, Riverside
2013 Jake Riffice, Infielder Granite Bay

Blake Grant-Parks, Catcher

Yuba City
2013 Kea Vierra, Relief Pitcher Kailua, Hawaii
2013 Andrew Cooper - Pitcher of the Year St. Annes High, Windsor, Canada
2013 Nick Blaser, Infielder -Big 8 MVP Roseville
2012 Josh Eagle - Pitcher, 1st Team (unanimous) Deer Valley
2012 Jared Snow - Outfielder, 1st Team (unanimous) Martin Luther King
2012 Tim Lerner - Relief Pitcher, 1st Team  
2012 Travis Israel - Infielder, 2nd Team Granite Bay
2012 Brad Gerig - Outfielder, 2nd Team Jesuit
2012 Clint Brill, Honorable Mention Woodcreek
2012 Eddie Mora, Honorable Mention