Wolverines Win Big 8 Title!

Wolverines Win Big 8 Title!

The game started out a bit nerve racking as DVC won the 1st sprint and took an early lead 3-0 in the 1st 3 minutes of play, but Sierra's coaching and training paid off as the Wolverine's started to push back, adding 3 goals to the scoreboard before the buzzer sounded at the end of the quarter. A double ejection with 3 seconds remaining in the 1st quarter left both teams a man down starting the 2nd quarter 4-3 in favor of DVC.  Once the Wolverine's won the 2nd quarter sprint and tied it up 4-4 at 6:32 in the 2nd quarter, they were unstoppable. They outscored DVC 5-0 in the 2nd qtr, 9-1 in the 3rd and 2-1 in the 4th - ending the game with a score of 19-6.  There were 12 ejections/penalties against DVC and 8 called against Sierra.

GOALS:  Harriman with 6, followed by Scholar with 4.  S Hastie/Hoppe/Quirarte - 2, Alvarez/MacLeane/Nordell - 1

ASSISTS:  S Hastie - 6, Alvarez - 3, Scholar/Harriman/unassigned - 2, Nordell/Quirarte/goalie Watkins - 1.  One goal was on a steal by Alvarez in the 3rd qtr.

STEALS:  The Wolverines were pressing DVC hard last night and racked up 23 steals in the process.  MacLeane/Scholar - 4, S Hastie/Alvarez/Nordell - 3, Harriman/goalie Watkins - 2, Kay/Seljak - 1

FIELD BLOCKS:  MacLeane - 1

EJECTIONS/PENALTIES DRAWN: 10 ejections were drawn against DVC and 1 penalty. DVC also had a player ejected/rolled by the refs.  MacLeane - 3, S Hastie/Hoppe/unassigned - 2, Alvarez/Harriman - 1.  Sierra converted 6 of the 11 power plays into goals.  

GOALIE STATS:  DVC took 24 shots during the game (vs the 40 that Sierra took).  Watkins blocked 7 of 20 and Tate blocked 3 of 4.  Six goals were scored and the remaining 8 shots were not in the goal area.